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Twenty-something Podcast

Apr 12, 2019

I share my own experience with sexual assault. Please respect that this is my story and this is how I chose to share it. Sexual assault is too prevalent on college campuses. Know your options. Check up on your friends. Know that whatever YOU feel IS VALID. You are so loved.  #SAAM

Apr 5, 2019

Kennedy and Morgan go on an adventure to try out all the latest snacks, for a cheap price! Are the new Lays chips worth it? What about the new orange-vanilla coke flavor? Tune in and find out which of these products are approved for drunk snacking. 

Mar 30, 2019

Whatever you commented, tweeted, etc. has all been answered! In this super-short episode, learn what goes on in Drew Lane's basement. 

Mar 22, 2019

College scandals have been all the craze in the news lately. Listen in to hear Kennedy and Savannah's take on the Lori Loughlin/ Olivia Jade scandal. We also talk about the whack-a-doodles of the Sunshine State! Tweet us @twentiespod with your "Florida Man" story!

Mar 15, 2019

Kennedy, Morgan and Erica discuss what really happens on college spring break. We all know what it looks like in the movies, but does it live up to the hype? Listen and find out! Wait until the end for a chilling walk of shame story sent in by one of our listeners.